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3 Harsh Facts Long-Distance Relationships May Not Work!

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Handling a long-distance relationship is not easy as it sounds. They are quite complex and usually end up in heartbreak. Today, we will discuss 3 harsh facts explaining why long-distance relationships may not work.

3 Harsh And Brutal Facts About Long Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationship requires a hell lot more commitment than ordinary relationships. As the two people are not around each other, the spark can fade quite easily. Here are 3 harsh facts explaining why long-distance relationships will not work out.

  • Love Requires Validation And Harsh Fact Is Long-Distance Relationships Miss it!

Love needs a powerful physical language now and then. Dealing with a lack of real physical intimacy is one thing and not having strong physical support is another. It’s important to communicate your feelings when you are in love. Many times just emotional support is not enough. Times come when you may need a hug or a simple kiss from your partner.

Not having an actual presence boosts the negative effects of long-distance relationships. When the needs are not met, we fear it can have serious consequences. Many partners look for support and end up cheating. With time, a long-distance relationship starts getting boring and both partners may feel the need to end it.

  • Long-Distance Relationships Requires Time And Dedication

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We all are busy in our lives. When two partners live together, just having each other around is enough. They may not communicate with each and everything. A simple goodbye kiss in the morning and at night can solve many problems. At least the other person knows what their partner is up to.

However, in long-distance relationships, not having another partner around and not being able to communicate can mess up things. It can create misunderstandings and agitate the partners. Sooner or later, things are bound to heat up and explode causing breakups.

  • Lack Of Accountability Can Kill The Relationship

Partners must have a sense of responsibility towards each other. Many things can require explanation and face-to-face discussions. In a long distance, both partners can have their individual social life with different challenges.

One of the bad things about long-distance relationships is that escape seems an easy way out. Both partners may find it easy to dismiss the conversation rather than communicate. So eventually they start losing that sense of commitment towards each other. As a result, misunderstandings can pile up and cause the relationship to break.

overall, these 3 harsh facts can cause any long-distance relationships to break.

What Are The Psychological Harsh Effects Of Long-Distance Relationships On People?

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Long-distance relationships can be challenging and may take a toll on your mind. To be honest, they can drain you both emotionally and psychologically. The need for staying constantly in touch and committed can be tiring for people.

Also, when two people are not around each other, it is easy to get things wrong. Negative feelings like jealousy and being over-possessive can ruin the spark. Since the other person is not around to clear up things, long-distance relationships can ruin the essence of being together.

Psychologically, here is what kills long-distance relationships and makes things messy.

  • Dealing with the fact that you are physically alone.
  • Trying hard to stay in touch regardless of different time zones or busy routines.
  • The constant pressure of reminding the other person that you love them and the distance doesn’t matter.
  • Feeling bad for every good experience that you are having without them.
  • Trying to put up with them even when you are not ready for the situation.

When To Call It Quits In Long-Distance Relationships?

Long-distance relationship feelings start fading after a while. You need to say goodbye in Long-distance relationships when

  • It starts feeling like a burden.
  • If you think, you are just dragging it and feel no emotional attachment to it.
  • The other partner seems ignorant of your needs.
  • You two are happy with your lives in individual spaces and the relationship is only draining you guys out.
  • One of the people is overly jealous or possessive.
  • The feeling of mistrust rising in a relationship.
  • The other person is constantly nagging or questioning your choices.
  • They can’t seem to get enough of you and want you to report everything back to them. Keep in mind that this is not love, they are just trying to control you.
  • Also, if you two have to stay distant for a long time with no future clarity, it’s wise to let the other person go.

What Keeps Long-Distance Relationships Strong And Content?

handling long distance relationship

There are highs and lows of a long-distance relationship but when dealt with wisely, the relationship can work. Some of the fun facts about long-distance relationships that can keep the relationship strong are

  • Doing face time at least once a day.
  • Remembering special dates and greeting each other.
  • Reserving at least one hour for each other every weekend.
  • Respecting each other limitations and understanding the struggles your partner might be going through.
  • Being each other support 24/7 even when you are not physically together.
  • Respecting the fact that they have a real physical life that might need their commitment.
  • Making time for detailed communication every once in a while. This clears all the doubts.
  • Writing love notes, showing interest and intimacy through texting and videos.
  • Waiting for the right time and reasons to raise questions or suspicions.
  • Loving each other unconditionally.

Are Long-Distance Relationships Unhealthy And Unhappy?

Well, that depends. We have already said that if it’s draining you, call quits.

Overall, long-distance relationships are not unhealthy, they just require more energy and commitment to keep going. A lot of things that can otherwise go unnoticed can have more impact when you are in a long-distance relationship.

A key to a healthy long-distance relationship is when both partners fully understand the risks and are ready for them. Long distance relationship requires equal commitment from both partners. People claim one of the facts about long-distance relationships is that they don’t work for a long time. However, this might not be true. If both partners are willing to invest in their relationship, it will turn out well for both of them.

When two people stay apart and still carve each other’s companionship, this is true love. Imagine a reunion after a long-distance relationship. It will actually strengthen the bond and can be a key to your happy every after.

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