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Should I Feel Guilty For Sexting Someone?

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Since the beginning, human beings have been attracted to forbidden. Though if sexting is good or bad is still a debate, the feeling of guilt is the same. People ask themselves “Should I feel guilty for sexting?”, is it beyond the lines? Or is it normal to sext someone?

Today we have a lot to tell about this cranky topic. Let’s see what you should feel after all.

Should I Feel Guilty For Sexting?

Feeling guilty after sexting is normal but should you feel it? Well, you should if you are doing it with a stranger and you already have a partner. It is considered cheating when you try to feel intimate with someone else in any way. However, if you sexting with your partner, then feeling guilt is entirely based on your boundaries.

Sexting is talking intimate, dirty, and sexy in messages and sometimes even doing the whole act “virtually”. As awkward as it sounds, it’s real and is getting very common in relationships. Maybe another gift of social media to humanity. Mostly, when people are not physically together, they try to feel connected through sexting. Sexting is not bad but also it is not healthy in many ways.

Why Sexting Is Not Healthy?

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Well, sexting is like pron. Once you get addicted to it, you start comparing real life to fantasy. What your partner is ready to do in text, may not be possible in real life at all. Also, many times people are different face to face. Sexting is a fantasy where you can bring out your inner wolf and tear apart your bae. In reality, there are a lot of physical and emotional boundaries to achieve that.

Moreover, sexting is a shortcut to intimate pleasure. Your partner may want to jump directly to it, leaving all those little gestures behind that strengthen any relationship. Sexting is a cheap pleasure that can cost you a spiritual bond with your companion.

Also, as there is no tangible presence involved, so your companion may start expecting unrealistic things in the relationship.

People can get the feeling of “being used” after sexting and that’s true to some extent. When a person is not around, you are still managing to get their fantasies out for your pleasure. Mostly this happens when one of the parties is not ready or willing for it but does it anyway. Forcing it on your partner and feeling used after sexting harms relationships.

What Should You Do If You Have Sent A Sext And Feeling Guilty?

Guilt from sexting is pretty common. We all like to keep some things hidden in a relationship. Especially our deepest and darkest desires. Whereas, Sexting allows you to become who you are. So after sexting you might feel naked and seen and this can make you uncomfortable.

If you regret sending a sext, probably you are new to it. If that’s the case, chill out. There is always a first time for everything. Soon you will get used to it. However, if you have sent a sext to a stranger, that’s something to notice. Sexting is not a virtual substitute for one-night stands or casual hookups.

Remember that once you do it on social media, everything stays on the record. So never trust strangers for any such things. Also, if you sent someone a text first, it could cost you a lot. Sexting strangers without their consent is considered harassment. You can go to jail for it.

If you are sexting your partner, then to avoid regret, better communicate first. If you are hesitant to talk face to face, you can discuss it over text too. Communication solves a lot of confusion and embarrassment. As sexting involves both parties so it’s better to talk first so you can know if your partner is in for it. This way you will not feel guilty for sexting in a relationship.

How To Do Sexting Without Feeling Guilty?

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It is normal to sext between romantic couples. To not feel guilty here is what you should do

  • Make sure your partner is in for it. Take consent and if you both are willing to try something new, then go for it
  • Take it as a “newness” in a relationship. What you can’t achieve in reality is possible in fantasy. Use that for advantage.
  • Do sexting to make your partner, feel special and important. Never do it for momentarily cheap pleasure. It will cost you peace later on.
  • Sexting may be a good option for long-distance relationships. It can help you feel connected, even though you are miles apart.
  • If you don’t want to feel regret or shame after sexting, never sext with strangers or people you have just met.
  • It’s important to do sexting with someone you are close enough to open up.
  • If you are going to sext someone you know, never do it directly. If they retaliate, you can feel embarrassed and even humiliated. So always prepare the ground first. Let’s see how they respond and then proceed with a direct approach.
  • Sexting someone else while in a relationship is cheating. So if you do not want to feel shame later on, don’t do it in the first place.

What To Do If Someone Sexts You?

Sexting is not a bad idea unless done without keeping consequences in mind. It is normal to sext with your partner. However, if you receive a sext from someone you know, we suggest playing ignorant. If the other person is keen to take it forward, they will definitely ask you about the text they sent or maybe apologize. Here, it’s your choice. If you want it, you can go for it without feeling guilty.

Also, if you receive sexts from strangers, block them right away. Otherwise, most probably it will go wrong at some point.

In short, sexting has both bright and dark sides. It depends on the situation and your relationship with the other person. You should feel safe while doing it with your partner. However, If you are feeling guilty after sexting, maybe you need to re-consider the scenario and sort out, what went wrong.

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