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Is Romance Overrated At All?

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Love gestures, romantic candlelight dinners, surprises, cute confessions of love, long drives, flowers, and love letters are something most people want. They are indeed romantic gestures. Is romance overrated? Do You even need romantic acts to prove you love? Let’s discuss this today.

People think that romantic efforts promise a long-lasting relationship. While for others, it is not necessary to always do acts of love. Instead, they think communication, compassion, and support are the main factors for keeping a long-lasting relationship

Is Romance Overrated?

Let’s take a look at different aspects of why we consider romance important in our lives and how a true love should look like.

Role Of Novels, Movies, And Social Media

Romantic novels, movies, and social media also play a compelling part in boosting these ideas of romantic clichés. Yes, it feels dreamy to lie down under the sky and count the stars, waiting for a prince to come, and find you carrying your shoe.  

But does a hero come to save you from your wizard mother and escort you to the beautiful world outside your locked-up tower? Does a prince ever appear from nowhere and cure your stepmother’s curse?? Or is a beauty going to turn a beast into a handsome prince and break his profanity with her unconditional extreme love?

If you notice, all these stories portray perfection and flawlessness. These things are practically impossible nowadays. However, they frame young girls’ narratives of love and romance. Girls think they will meet a boy one day and after falling in love with him everything will get right. Eventually, they both will end up being together with their happy ever after.

However, this is not the case for most of the time. The rate of love marriage around the globe is almost 45 per cent. This is after people have all the freedom to choose their partner and acceptance of love in society. 

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Love Is Overrated And Not All About Romance

Some people think that the basis of a strong relationship and marriage is romance. They believe that if someone truly loves you they will always make grand love gestures. Compassionate love and physical affection are true love for them.

In reality, love is not all about romance. It’s about commitment to the relationship because romance does not work all the time. Romance is important but it must not overshadow anything else.

A Romantic Partner Is Not Everything!

Romance is beautiful and having a romantic partner is great but it is not everything. Those people who romanticize almost everything, their whole life encircles around their partner. They believe their romantic partner completes them.  

However, depending emotionally on someone even your romantic partner is not good. One should create one’s happiness and have the ability to stay happy alone too. Try to find happiness within yourself. It is not necessarily to be your romantic partner to be a cause of your joy.  

Never Lower Your Standards

Some people are just afraid to live alone. People who utilize their emotions only for one person and chase the trail of their contentment in sole human, might lower their standards to keep their bond with them. Lowering standards can result in losing one’s personality and might also lead a relationship to a terrible point where things start falling apart.  

Love is a pleasant and adorable thing so let it come to you naturally. Don’t find it by chasing someone for whom you have to lower your standards.

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Romance Neither Heals Nor Fixes

Some people think having a romantic relationship will fix everything in their life and it will magically heal every part of them. They think their life will become perfect after finding the love of their life. It does not work this way.

You need to understand that only you can fix and heal yourself. Being independent in your healing lets you explore various things that you might miss if you depend on someone else to heal you.  

You should keep in mind that your romantic partner might facilitate your healing by taking care of your emotional well-being. It’s only you, who will bring your real healing. Believe that you have magic in you so do not spend your entire life finding the one to cure you and truly heal you.

Does Romance Makes You Delusional?

Maybe. But romance making you delusional certainly doesn’t make romance overrated. Though romanticizing and dreaming put barriers between fantasy and reality. The feeling of euphoria is unreal. You will feel butterflies in your stomach. It makes you daydream about your future and all-encompassing but in reality, it is elusive. It hinders your personal growth and stops you from your exploring quest. Your inclination toward learning new and different things might decrease too.

Is The Hype Of Romance Overrated And Unreal?


Too many people around us try to show off their partners and their romantic life on social media. You become a rollercoaster of romantic emotions and start to force your partner to perform all those acts of love. If your partner does not meet your expectations you might get insecure too.

So before comparing your life with theirs, just know there is a huge difference between real life and reel life. People on TV portray romance as an emotion without knowing the duty to demonstrate the true definition of love. They create a misconception of romance as an important part of life. People can make you believe that if you don’t have a romantic partner, you have nothing. There is no meaning in achieving so much in life if you can’t get yourself into a romantic relationship.

But obviously, this is not true. There is much more in life. Romance is beautiful but not always a constant need of a relationship or marriage. You have to dust this hype off your mind created by the media.  

At the end of the day, everyone has their expectations, preferences, and hopes for their romantic relationship and marriage. Sometimes the hype you see might look overrated and unnecessary. You might manifest a more compatible partner, who has a down-to-earth approach and supports you. You want to have the respect component too. For some, romance is all magic and an enchanted dream if they have the right person with the right intent.

So deciding whether romance is overrated or not depends on what you want and desire to fulfil in a relationship.  

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