Celebrities and nightclubs; famous nightclubs of the world and Pokhara

The beauty of the Nightlife of Nepal can be best witnessed through their tourist spots. If you doubt Does Nepal has nightlife? Then you need to visit Pokhara. It’s one of the most mesmerizing and Crazy places to be in Nepal. Today our article is about celebrities and nightclubs in Pokhara where the days are […]

Meet your dream girl in the club

dream girl in bar

The concept of a soul mate has changed a lot in recent decades. Gone are the days when you would find your Juliet at a ball only, that too dancing sophisticatedly and exquisitely. Now you can meet your dream girl in the club, partying hard and going wild. If you are a club person, your […]

Top 12 cocktails that will make you sway!

Cocktails and parties are an inextricable duo. Where there is a party, there is a cocktail. They are joyous drinks that allow you to rave up and enjoy the gathering. Today we bring the list of the finest top 12 cocktails that will make you sway and whirl. About Cocktails Cocktails are alcoholic drinks that […]